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             醫院由本部、西院區、腫瘤中心和金銀湖國際醫院(在建)組成,編制床位5000張,年門急診量570.3萬人次、住院量22.7萬人次,手術量12.1萬臺次,主要醫療指標穩居國內前列。其中心臟移植連續5年領跑全國,心肺聯合移植術、心臟移植術、連體嬰兒分離術、骨髓移植、腔鏡下巨結腸切除術、細胞治療等居國內領先水平。醫院現有職工8000余人,其中,高級職稱600余人,享受國務院政府津貼專家96人,雙聘院士5人、國家杰出青年基金獲得者7人、教育部“長江學者”8人(含青年長江3人)、國家“百千萬人才工程”3人、國家萬人計劃領軍人才2人、衛生部有突出貢獻中青年專家12人,博導204人、碩導568人。擁有10個國家重點(培育)學科和25個國家臨床重點???,15個??茠炜亢笔≠|控中心,形成具有廣泛影響的優勢學科群。配置PET-MR、PET-CT、達芬奇機器人、射波刀等高端醫療設備,率先將混合現實信息技術、人工生物角膜等應用于臨床手術實踐。此外,醫院擁有教育部重點實驗室1個、衛生部重點實驗室1個、省級重點實驗室2個。連續5年中標國家自然基金數100余項,居國內醫療機構前三。4項成果獲國家科技進步二等獎。近年來,醫院加大國際化進程,與德、英、美、日等20 多個國家和地區建立了廣泛的交流協作關系。

      Brief introduction of Wuhan Union Hospital

          Union  Hospital  Affiliated  with  Tongji  Medical  College  of  Huazhong  University  of  Science  and  Technology  (also  known  as  Wuhan  Union  Hospital)  was founded  in  1866,  and  is  a  major  general  hospital  under  National  Health  and  Family  Planning  Commission.  Over  the  past  150  years,  the  Hospital  has  won  a worldwide reputation for its ability to provide full range of medical services and solid technical strength. It was among the first “Class-A Hospitals” recognized by Ministry of Health and among China’s TOP 100 Hospitals. The Hospital also hosts Hubei Emergency Center, Hubei Telemedicine Center and Research Center for Postgraduate Medical Education. It has won a number of national awards for management excellence. The Hospital has passed the re-assessment for the title of Class-A Class Hospital” in 2015.

          The Hospital consists of the Hospital proper, West Campus, Cancer Center and Jinyinhu Hospital (planned), is equipped with a total of 5,000 beds. In terms  of  the  main performance measures,  the  Hospital  is  among  top  general hospitals  in  China: The  Outpatient visits  reached 5.7 million; the  hospital treated 227,000 inpatients and 121,000 patients recovered after operation. The Hospital is taking lead nation-wide in a wide array of medical treatments or technologies,including heart transplantation, conjoined twins separation, bone marrow transplantation, endoscope-assisted megacolon resection surgery and one-stop CHD hybrid surgery.

          By august 2016, the hospital has about 7900 staff members, among whom 595 are medical experts with senior professional titles, including 5 double-appointment academicians, 1 chief scientist of the 973 National Program, 3 specially-appointed professors with the title “Yangtze River Scholar” awarded by the Ministry of Education, 12 professors with the title of “Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions” awarded by Ministry of Health, 6 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 95 experts who have won special allowance form the State Council. It also has 10 key national disciplines (including key disciplines with national support), 25 key national clinic specialties (top 5 in terms of quantity in China), 8 departments and 23 teaching and research sections, 2 doctoral programs of level-1 disciplines, 23 doctoral programs of level-2 disciplines; 189 on-the-job Ph D. supervisors, 524 master supervisors; 1 key laboratory under Ministry of Education and 2 provincial key laboratory. Six National Progress Awards in Science and Technology were rewarded to its scientific research results.

          In recent years, Wuhan Union Hospital has been increasingly going global, actively engaging in cooperation and academic exchange with more than 20 countries including Germany, Britain, USA and Japan.In the spirit of “Love, service to people and harmony”, over the past 150 year, Wuhan Union people, with their dedication and professionalism, have been striving for the better health of the public. With National Clinical Research Center, National Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Difficult and Complicated Disease, National Training Center for Medical Technology under construction, the Hospital, is now embarking on a new strategic journey of “Healthy China” and will build an even more splendid future.

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